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Culture of Gujarat

Tarnetar no melo fair 0

Tarnetar no Melo: World famous fair in Gujarat

If you think that you need an experience of free-feel spirit, an atmosphere of different colors, dances, romance and a flashback to your childhood then you must visit the Tarnetar no melo. Tarnetar no melo...

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagar 0

Famous Mandir (Temples) In And Around Gandhinagar

Mandir is the symbolic body or a holy place for people following Hinduism. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat. It is also the greenest town in Gujarat state. The temples here are very ancient and...

Sun Temple Modhera 0

Famous Temples of Patan City

Gujarat is culturally-rich state of India. Gujarat is prominent for its ancient places, inborn places and various traditions and cultures within it. The temple of Gujarat are popular for the architectural works. The structure sets...

Pots 0

Clay Craft of Gujarat: An Imperative Pottery Handicraft

Handicraft products are amalgamation of art, designs, patterns, concepts attached with the culture, tradition, ethnic values, rituals etc. Clay craft is one of those. Producing things out of clay is known as Pottery. Today, I...

Siddi tribe 0

Siddi Tribe – The Africans in Gujarat

Tribe is a group or combining with similar ancestor, customs and tradition. In Gujarat there are various tribes like Gond Tribes, Munda Tribes, Bhils Tribes, Garo Trbies, Santhal Tribe, Siddi Tribes etc. In this article,...


Best Gujarati Natak (Dramas) of all time

There are certain nataks that would not only make you laugh but will also touch your heart with the message it provides. The success of the Gujarati nataks has driven them to the big screen...