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Interview with Daxeel Soni, a 17 year old Techie

Today, we are going to meet a 17 year old techie from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. What should a seventeen year old be doing? Probably they are busy playing computer games, giving entrance exams or preparing to get into a good college. Interestingly, Daxeel Soni is busy coding various windows software and android apps. Lets know more about him.

Daxeel Soni

Daxeel Soni

1) Daxeel, introduce yourself.

I am Daxeel Soni, 17 years old guy from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. I do coding daily. I practice it and innovate new things with my coding skills. Well, i make apps which can be used by people to solve their different daily life problems. My mission is to help our society and make our society – a tech society with computer programming. I have made different apps in Python/TkInter, Bash, C and JavaScript.


Apart from coding, I love to read business and tech blogs, play guitar, listen to music, play cricket and read inspirational books.

2) Explain the projects you have done so far.

In my journey of programming, I’ve done so many projects. Here are some of them:

  • LMS – Library Management Software : This is a very advanced library management windows software. You can manage your customers and thousands of books. Even you can search any specific book from that books with LMS-ASM (Advanced Search Mechanism)
  • TestZone : TestZone keeps all the teachers and students under a single roof. As a administrator you can analyze student’s performance, see teacher’s test, remove any student or teacher, change and recover password of any TestZone campus. As a teacher you can create any number of tests with any number of questions and these tests can be of two type – (1) Single Word Test and (2) MCQ Test. TestZone will automatically generate a test ID. As a student with the help of teacher name and test ID you can solve any number of tests which were created by your teachers in TestZone. TestZone keeps all the results of all the tests answered by a student.
  • PST – Property Search Tool : This is a windows based property search software. I developed this for my dad. My dad can save number of records and search any record from them. After this my dad told me to make this for his Android Mobile and then i developed it for Android OS and also for Linux OS.

Most of my projects are open source and you can find my all projects at my GitHub page : http://github.com/daxeel

3) Tell us about your education.

This year i finished my 12th class and now i am going to join a undergraduate college in Computer Science.

4) Have you received any awards?

I am still a beginner in this field of creativity. I am learning more and more to get premium skill set. Till today, I had not time to participate in any contest. So, I didn’t get any awards but for sure in future will get lots of awards.

5) Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration source is in my home – My Dad. He is not in the field of computer or programming. But he is a person who does his every small work with perfection. He is a symbol of perfection. One day, he told me that if i will not be a perfect at my every work (even smaller), then a bug in my code will always waiting for me to remove it. So, he always inspire me to work perfectly and it doesn’t matter which work you are doing.

6) What do you want to become?

I want to become a computer programmer and entrepreneur. I want to open my first Indian well managed international robotics company which will make robots and software to help our society at every stage.

7) Would you like to remain in India or go abroad?

I will definitely work for India.

8) Your message for our readers?

I am not a master and not a right person to give message. I just want to say something which Steve Jobs used to say:


If you think you are talented and want to get interviewed by us then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to feature you on our site.

Akash Shastri

Akash Shastri is a 23 year old passionate Artificial Intelligence expert and he loves to explore technology especially related with human-computer interaction. He is the founder of a R&D software company - Brainasoft. He loves to write in his free time.

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  1. Daxeel Soni says:

    Thank you very much for this article.

  2. Dude hands Down,,
    Proud to be your friend man.
    Looking forward for more stuff from you just like this and for revolution.

  3. Shubham Bhatt says:

    Good skills developed at this Age for ur Future Profession..Unique Choice for future..Keep it up..(y) 🙂

  4. Daxeel, you doing wonderful job. God bless you. 🙂

  5. Parth Thakkar says:

    Nice work bro….

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