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Interview with Gujarat State HSC (Science) Topper

Recently Gujarat state’s HSC (12th standard) science stream results were declared. Mithil Dave, a student from Navchetan High School, Ahmedabad has all reasons to celebrate with a percentage of 96.5% and percentile of 99.88%! Lets know his success story from himself.

Mithil Dave

Mithil Dave

1) Congratulations on getting 96.5% in the HSC (Science) examinations. Was it a surprise when it came or were you expecting it any way?

Thank you very much. Yes, I was expecting it. In fact, I was sure that I will get it.

2) Mithil, introduce yourself and tell me about your family and educational background.

My full name is Mithil Paresh Dave. I am 17 years old. As you know I just passed my HSC exams with flying colors and now I am looking forward for my admission process. I come from a family of well educated people. My mom is a teacher and my sister is pursuing MCA (Master of Computer Applications) from a top college of Gujarat. My father is employed in a private firm.

3) How do you feel after getting success in HSC exam.

I am very happy and feeling blessed. I am happy because my whole family is very happy and proud of me.

4) Please share your success story with our readers.

I am very active and bright since my childhood. I never joined any tuition classes till 10th as my mom is a teacher. I don’t think I have ever studied for 3 or 4 hours continuously.

I always remain calm while studying.

I also got good marks (94%) in SSC exams too.

5) I have never joined a coaching (tuition) class in my life. Not even in my 10th or 12th standard. What do you think, is it necessary to join a coaching institute to get such a good result or is schooling and self-study enough?

No, obviously not. Its not necessary at all. I joined coaching to solve my doubts and problems because I was not getting enough time to do that in my school. Coaching is guidance and if you are unable to solve your doubts at school then you should join coaching classes.

6) Who is your role model? Also tell me about your hobbies and interests.

Every contemporary is my role model. I always observe them and try to implement their methods and views. As far as my hobbies are concerned, I love to watch movies. I also have interest in knowing something weird and wonderful about our world.

7) Give some study tips to our readers. Are there any strict Dos and Donts that you would recommend a student preparing for 12th standard examinations?

Be calm. Believe in quality not in quantity. Its not how much you study. Its how you study. Be confident about your answers. Do smart work. Study the subject that are difficult for you and try to understand them. Try to improve problem solving skill and don’t be afraid of your exams. Remain healthy. Don’t eat junk food when exams are near. Be calm and confident. And last but not the least, don’t ever compromise your sleep. Sleep well during exams.

8) Your message for the readers?

Its not easy to achieve something great for yourself but its more easy to achieve it for someone whom you love.

Do your work with full dedication because you will be not given chances again and again to prove that you are not just an another mediocre person.

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Akash Shastri

Akash Shastri is a 23 year old passionate Artificial Intelligence expert and he loves to explore technology especially related with human-computer interaction. He is the founder of a R&D software company - Brainasoft. He loves to write in his free time.

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