Talent in Gujarat World (Talent has no Boundaries)


Top Startups in Ahmedabad

1. All events in city Founder: Amit Panchal and Ruchit Patel This is a app based business whose aim is to help the people of different cities to find the events happening around them. There...

Successful women 1

Successful Gujarati Women

Women are said to possess immense natural strength and power. Women have achieved a lot over the years even with all the social barriers put towards them.

Bhavai Drama 0

Bhavai Folk Drama

‘Drama’ or ‘Theatre’ is considered as the perfect platform to showcase one’s acting skills. Because theater is all about your one shot performance, unlike films there are no retakes, whatever and how you perform is...

Famous Gujarati People 10

25 Most Famous Gujarati People

Famous personalities have a huge impact on upcoming generation. Today’s youth follow them and get inspired from them. These famous personalities also become one of the key factors in selecting their profession. Their role model’s...