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Mahal Eco Campsite – Purna Wildlife Sanctuary

Today we are back with another eco-campsite, Mahal Eco Campsite, which is located in the center of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary. Mahal Eco Campsite, known for thrilling activities like walking and trekking, is situated on the banks of river Purna. The site is bestowed with a very serene atmosphere giving you the pleasure of being so close to nature. It is usually very calm except for weekends and holidays. The site is basically in the middle of a sanctuary, hence it is surrounded by large and small trees. Moreover, you can find cascades here and there racing down and in-between the rocks.

Mahal Eco Campsite

Where is Mahal Eco Campsite?

It is around 30 km from Ahwa and 17 km from Dang. It is located in the center of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary. You can find the map here.

Mahal Eco Campsite

Facilities in Mahal Eco Campsite

  • Orientation center – Make sure you visit the orientation center so that you can explore the campsite completely and don’t miss out on anything
  • 4 AC Cottages with attached bath & toilet facilities 
  • Tented Accommodation with separate bathing & toilet facilities 
  • Separate Kitchen & Dining places  You will have to cook food by yourself as you won’t find anything to eat on the campsite
  • Nature Trail – You will find signboards guiding you through your way
  • Separate area for Campfire 
  • Two-level Machaans for landscape & wildlife viewing – Machaans are made from wood to stand or sit on
  • You can also have a night trail accompanied with a guide 

Things to do in Mahal Eco Campsite

  • Bird watching
  • Campfire
  • Ziplining
  • Wall climbing
  • Trekking

Mahal Eco Campsite

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Mahal Eco Campsite is OctoberMarch. Weather during these months is perfect to enjoy the Mahal campsite. But according to tourists, you must visit this place right after the monsoon to aid your eyes with “after rain” beauty of nature.

How to book your stay?

Unfortunately, no contacts seem to be working. However, you can contact the registered office of Gujarat Tourism who may be able to provide you with some active contact information.

Registered Office ( Gujarat Tourism ): +91 79 23977200.

Places to visit nearby

  • Dhulda waterfall (around 8 km) – A beautiful waterfall that you can find on your way to Mahal via Bardipada. Just like other waterfalls, it is mostly active during monsoon only.
  • Girmal waterfall a.k.a. Gira dhodh (around 39 km) – One of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Gujarat is Gira Falls or Gira Dhodh. It is absolutely beautiful and lavish during monsoon and mostly inactive during other seasons. It is perfect for photography lovers, but utter care must be taken by all before going near it.
  • Vansda National Park (around 46 km) – You can find ample flora and fauna of various species. There are also various reptiles like python, cobra, kraits (highly venomous Asian snake of cobra family) and more.
  • Koshmal waterfall a.k.a. Kosmal waterfall (around 57 km) – A place with stunning waterfalls and breathtaking natural beauty in Dang, Gujarat. It is not a commercialized tourist destination, which is a good thing, but do not expect restaurants and hotels.
  • Padam Dungari (around 60 km) – Read this article for more information
  • Unai Mata Temple (around 70 km) –  It is one of the most famous hot water springs temples in Gujarat. People usually go to this temple to perform traditional holy ceremonies and rituals. Moreover, it is believed that lots of illness can be cured by bathing in this hot water. However, one should take appropriate measures and precautions before going in.

Note: Distance of places is in terms of their approximate distance from Mahal Eco Campsite.

How to be a responsible tourist?

It should be our ethical duty to maintain and help in conserving our natural resources and beauties. Hence, here are some points that we must take care of:

  • No obtrusive photography – We all have a photographer in us that’s always curious during adventures but we must not disturb the wildlife just to get better shots.
  • Do not litter on ground and walls
  • Disposal of trash must be done in proper places
  • Do not play any sort of sound systems and keep your phone on silent
  • Talk softly
  • Watch animals from a distance so that they can have their space
  • Most of the eco campsites run on electricity generated from solar energy, hence use carefully
  • No smoking at all – Cigarette stubs can cause forest fires
  • DO NOT pick plants or try to touch insects

Mahal Eco Campsite

Things to take care of before visiting Mahal Campsite

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes as you will have to walk throughout the campsite. Have some food and water with you at all times. Keep all necessary things with you in case of an emergency. And do not wander in restricted areas.

Final words…

Forests and campsites are home to natural resources and wildlife. When you visit such site, you are visiting the home of that wildlife. Do you go to your friend’s or relative’s home and talk loudly? Litter in their room? Throw trash on the floor? I HOPE NOT! All nature sites are just like that. They are home to some living being. So make sure you maintain the dignity of the environment and respect their space. We can only keep on enjoying such wonderful places if we keeping doing our ethical duties. Otherwise, we won’t have anything to pass on to future generation if we destroy nature. Because when you destroy nature, you are destroying a part of your soul.

With that said, keep traveling!

Happy holidays! 🙂

Komal Rangoonwala

Komal Rangoonwala is a Computer Engineer and a Content Writer who loves to explore and create stuff.

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    • Komal Rangoonwala says:

      Please check out the “How to book your stay?” section in the article.
      No working contact is currently available that can help you book your stay at Mahal Eco Campsite.
      However, you can contact the Gujarat Tourism registered office on +91 79 23977200. Hope it helps!
      Have a great day!

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