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Majorly Produced Vegetable, Fruit and Crop in Gujarat

The climate in Gujarat then during winters the temperature remains between 29°C to 12°C. The summers are really hot in Gujarat ranging the temperature from 45°C to 29°C respectively. As Gujarat has dry and extreme weather it becomes difficult to grow plants and crops that needs moderate climate. Some coastal areas in Gujarat have a temperate climate though. In this article we will see the crops which are extensively grown in Gujarat which suits its climate and soil.

Plantation is one of the aspects which are taken very seriously by government of Gujarat. Agriculture in Gujarat is categorized on the basis of natural disabilities such as drought, prone areas, amount of annual rainfall, the fertility of soil, irrigation facilities etc.

Main Vegetables produced in Gujarat:

The vegetable that grow in Gujarat is the most of all. Over 60% of Gujarat population depends on horticulture for their development and survival.  There are several that are grown in Gujarat and here is a list of them. These are some majorly planted vegetable in Gujarat.


  1. Onion: This vegetable is one of the most cultivated vegetables in Gujarat. Gujarat is the 5th highest state to cultivate onion after other 4 Indian States. Even after a poor water supplying facility nearly 80% of onion came out in the previous year. According to a journal, the state records 17 tonnes of onion.


  1. Potato: Potato is known as the king of vegetables. The climate of Gujarat is very much favourable for potato. Apart from climate, the type of soil that a potato vegetable need is also found in many regions of Gujarat state. Banaskantha region records the highest cultivation of potato. Patato records nearly 33 lakh tones production form 1.21 lakh hectares of land.


  1. Garlic: After onion and potato, garlic is also one of the most produced vegetable of Gujarat. Around 50% of the garlic production comes out from Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Garlic as a vegetable is very advantageous for heath. It helps in reducing the high BP. It also helps bettering the digestive system and relief from toothache and cold and fever also. Garlic easily grows in a loam soil.


  1. Brinjal: Brinjal mostly is suitable for cultivation during the late kharif season. In the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, brinjal is cultivated mostly. As comparing with other vegetable, brinjal s not so advantageous. In consist of soluble sugar, protein and acidity elements. There are various different types of brinjal and they are minutely different from each other.


  1. Tomato: In Gujarat, tomato is grown in tones. Around 1319.11 thousand tones of tomato is produced from Gujarat every year. The main tomato producing states of Gujarat are Kheda, Dahod, Dang, Gandhinagar, Narmada, Valsad, Vadodara, Sabarkantha and Bhavnagar. Gujarat stands in 6th position for the cultivation of tomato among Indian states.


  1. Okra: Okra is mainly produced in South Gujarat. This is a very good vegetable for health. Okra is highly loaded with proteins and vitamins. It is helps in betterment of digestive system. It also helps increasing the facial glow and reduces marks and pigmentation in skin. Navsari, Surat and Tapi are the district where okra is grown in a bulk.


Main Fruits produced in Gujarat:

The production rate of fruits in Gujarat is around 35% per annum. Mango is the most produced fruit of Gujarat. Mangos of Gujarat are exported all over the world. Here is a list of some majorly grown fruits of Gujarat.

  1. Mango: The fruit Mango is known as the King of fruits. It is the most important commercial grown fruit of India. India has the richest cultivators of mango out of which Gujarat has the highest cultivators. Alphonso mango is the best kind of mango. During summers, mango helps with fighting the heat. Also people, love eating mango because of its sweet and sour taste.


  1. Banana: Banana is produced highly in Gujarat. Around 12500 hectares of Bharuch and Surat district produce banana annually. Banana is very beneficial fruit with plenty of calcium and potassium in it. The annual production of banana in this region is around 6 lakh tones of which Bharuch contributes around 70% of the production.


  1. Papaya: Papaya is a trophical fruit also known as “Cracia Papaya”. The Papaya fruit is very famous for its nutritive elements. Papaya helps increasing skin glaze and also eradicates the pores and gives you a smooth skin.


  1. Citrus: Citrus occupies nearly 34% of fruit area of Gujarat. It shows clearly that with passage of time the cultivation of citrus is increasing highly. Citrus is a very good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2. There are various mineral elements also in this fruit. It is the one of the best fruit for the health of childrens.


Main Crops produced in Gujarat:

The state of Gujarat has a very rich and fertile land. The crops in here grow very easily and quickly in this region. There are various crops such as food crops, plantation crops, cash crops and horticulture crops are grown massively in Gujarat. The names of some of crops are mentioned as under:

  1. Tobacco: Tobacco is highly produced in Gujarat. Around 125 million kilograms of tobacco is produced in Gujarat every year. Tobacco crop can only grow in hot and dry temperature. Excessive water can damage the crop. The Charotar region of Gujarat is known as the “Land of Tobacco”. Because of tobacco Gujarat leads the country in production of Nicotine.


  1. Groundnut: Groundnut crop is grown massively in Gujarat. The nutrition is groundnut is very high as it contains 47%-49% of oil and 20% of protein in it. This nut is a very good surce to obtain all B vitamins except B12. The optimum temperature for the growth of groundnut is 25 to 30°C. Groundnut is also known as Peanuts or Monkey nuts.


  1. Cotton: Cotton is one of the prime produced crops of Gujarat. Around 30 lakh hectares of area is allotted to cotton crops. The crop needs a very high temperature to grow which is approximately 21°C to 30°C. The quality of this crop starts declining once the temperature comes below 20°C. The cotton crop is grown heavlity in Kutch area and also in alluvial soil of Ahmedabad and Kheda districts.

Major crop produced in Gujarat:

  • Wheat: It is the 2nd most important crop utilized by Indians. The crop is more flexible to grow in any climate. Wheat in Gujarat is grown extensively. The crop grows in a clay loan or sandy loan type of soil. The rainfall needed for this particular soil is around 20-100 cm. The appropriate temperature needed for this variety is nearly 17°to 20°.

Other major crops produced in Gujarat are bajra, maize, jowar, gram etc.

No doubt that plant creates a very positive and generous environment in our surrounding. As a responsible citizen we must grow as much plant as we can and save the environment.


Healthy environment Healthy life!


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