Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

“NAL SAROVAR” is a bird sanctuary situated nearly 75 km away from Ahmedabad city. In this place just after the monsoon several migrated international birds come and makes this place look like heaven. During winter season, this place looks very different. You will find all kind of different birds that you might have never seen before. Here in this blog, I am trying to share with you details about Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. This is a must visit spot for all those people who are in deep love with nature, birds, animals and environment.


Nalsarovar bird sanctuary is a tourist spot near Ahmedabad city. This place is famous for its migratory birds coming during the winter season near the lake. This bird comes from places like Oman, UAE, Siberia, Yemen, etc. The place has different small islands recording around 36 islands spread over a large area. Nal Sarovar is a wetland of Gujarat State, and it is one of the biggest wetlands of Gujarat.  Apart from the migrating birds you can also see other species like pelicans, ducks, herons and ducks here.

The best time to visit this place is during October to April. However the highest number of migratory bird is seen during November to January as the population is in its peak during this time. While in March end, flamingos of huge size arrives in bulk.

Earlier there was no accommodation facility and people used to stay in resorts or hotels. But recently, Gujarat tourism has developed tents for accommodation near the spot for more beautiful experience. This place is highly recommendable for person who loves photography.

Entry Fees at Nalsarovar

The entry fee of Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is very nominal. From Monday to Friday the price range is INR 40.00 {for Indians} and on Weekends they charge INR 50.00 {for Indians}. They charge INR35.00 (Abhiruchi kendre (10) + Going towards lake (20) + Garden (5)) extra for the maintenance of the spot. Thus the total entry charge stops at INR 75.00 on weekdays and INR 85.00 on weekdays.

For foreign visitors they charge $10 on weekdays and $12.50 on weekends.

The charge for permit of camera is around INR 200.00 {for Indians} and $ 20 {for foreign visitors}.

Parking Charges

Four wheelers: – INR 20.00
Two wheelers: – INR 10.00
Bus/Truck: – INR 50.00

There is a discount of around 50% for children between the ages of 5-12 years.

Things to do at Nalsarovar

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy over the place. One can chill with bird watching where another can utilize the time in a live barbeque session over lake side. Apart from this you can enjoy horse riding. They charge around Rs. 50/- and give a 20 minute ride. The spot also provides for Boating in the lake. The charge for boat riding is around INR 220.00 per person. An information centre is made for visitors who are looking forward to get some knowledge regarding the birds and species. This is a perfect spot for one day picnic if you love nature. There are many open spaces near the spot where you can play volleyball, football. The picnic area is very clean and you wont face and you are free from worry regarding mosquito or insect bites.

How to reach Nalsarovar bird sanctuary

The Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is located around 64 km away to the west of Ahmedabad city. It becomes difficult to reach the spot in public transportation as buses to this route are scarce. You can visit this place in private vehicle. If you are coming from far places and do not have your own vehicle then you can definitely opt for the rental services. There are many rental companies that can provide you with taxi.

Bird Species found in Nalsarovar

White Storks: The white stork is a large bird of stork family. This is a carnivore and they mostly eat insects, animal prey, small animals and small birds. White stork has a white plumage with black wings. The adult bird has a long red legs and long red beaks. This bird looks very beautiful and elegant.

Brahmany Duck: The Brahmany duck in foreign countries are know as “RUDDY SHELDUCK”. This duck has a orange-brown plumage body with black color tail and wings. Brahmany ducks are a distinctive character bird found in Nal Sarovar Sanctuary. The male and female duck form a beautiful pair and they form there nest away from the lake. Watching this unique pairs of Brahmany Duck gives you a joyous moment.

Flamingos: This variety of bird is seen in huge mass in the sanctuary. Flamingo is a very unique type of bird. Flamingo is a large bird recognized by its long neck, stick like leg and pink or reddish feathers. This bird looks very beautiful. When you visit this place in the season you can see thousands of flamingo sitting near the bank together. The view is breath taking. Flamingos eat the algae and invertebrates in the lake and because of this they get pink and reddish feathers.

There are some other birds and animal species that you can see the the sanctuary. They are:

  1. Wild ass.
  2. Black Buck.
  3. Seaguls
  4. Purple Moorhen (Swamphen)
  5. Saras Cranes
  6. Spoonbill
  7. Avocets
  8. Herons
  9. Pelicans
  10. Swallows
  11. Fishing Eagles
  12. Kingfisher
  13. Several Species of Pigeon

Things to remember while visiting:

  1. The place is in a bit isolated area thus you can face network issue.
  2. Don’t forget to bargain with the boat men before boat ride.
  3. There is a shortage of restroom on the journey.
  4. You must carry your prescribed medicines with yourself.
  5. For the best exposure don’t forget to take your binoculars with yourself.

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