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Top Gujarati Companies that are ruling the World!

The COVID-19 pandemic has sure gut-punched the entire Indian economy. In times like this, we have to support the local businesses, now more than ever. While Modi has already marked upon the initiative of “Make-In-India”,...

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Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

“NAL SAROVAR” is a bird sanctuary situated nearly 75 km away from Ahmedabad city. In this place just after the monsoon several migrated international birds come and makes this place look like heaven. During winter...

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Majorly Produced Vegetable, Fruit and Crop in Gujarat

The climate in Gujarat then during winters the temperature remains between 29°C to 12°C. The summers are really hot in Gujarat ranging the temperature from 45°C to 29°C respectively. As Gujarat has dry and extreme...

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Best Clubs in and around Ahmedabad

Confused about spending quality time with your friends and family? Here is a list of some amazing sporting clubs situated near Ahmedabad City. These are some amazing spots where you can enjoy a whole day...


Top Villages in Gujarat

“Not all glamour lies in Urbanization” This quote rightfully suits the villages of Gujarat. People when shifting to villages somehow feel a bit perplexed on their decision and judge their situation twice. It feels difficult...