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Places to visit in and around Devgadh Baria

Devgadh Baria is a small town situated in the foothills on the eastern border of Gujarat state. It is basically a municipality in Dahod district of Gujarat. The two known towns around this place are Godhra and Dahod. Devgadh Baria is a part of Dahod district and is located on the bank of Panam River. The name Devgadh Baria is has two words with different meanings. Devgadh is the name of mountain that surrounds this place and Baria is the name of local tribe behind the origin of this place. This place still has its Royal Family heritage which ruled the town since a long time. Devgadh Baria is a famous tourist attraction place in Gujarat. This place has many picturesque places to visit.

Here is a list of awesome places to visit near Devgadh Baria.

Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary is known to be the home of the sloth bears in Dahod district near to Devgadh Baria. According to the localities sloth bear species are far more dangerous than a leopard! There is a river Panam which originates from within this scenic sanctuary and meets the Orange River at the foothills of Ratanmahal. There is a waterfall called Mira waterfall within the sanctuary. Moreover, Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary is also a location for a water conservation project.

The main attraction in this place is the sloth bear but the area also is home for other species like Panthers, Jungle cats, Civets, Jackals, hyenas, Honey badgers, Foxes, Porcupines etc. It also boasts of a variety of avifauna (birds) like white bellied species, racket tailed species, Paradise fly catcher, Black headed oriole etc. and a variety of reptiles. Don’t forget to meet local people of the villages to know about their culture and food.

The sanctuary’s geological formation and structure adds a-lot to its beauty. River Panam originates from within the sanctuary. All of these great natural wonders give the sanctuary the potential of widening people’s sensitivity towards wildlife in general. Ratanmahal sloth bear wildlife sanctuary is a great place for group picnic. Ratanmahal is one such Greenest escapade all year round in Central Gujarat one would love to take children to so that they are initiated into loving forest flora fauna.

Ratanmahal main sanctuary is at Kanjeta. Main activities for nature lovers include climbing up the Hillsboro with four wheel drive vehicle or local one booked from Baria Kanjeta nearby. You can also walk till end of the hill where horizon shows villages scattered on Madhya Pradesh state side. Post Monsoon is the best time to visit when sanctuary opens with water bodies in full flow.

Two other great spots are Naladha ahead of Kanjeta and Udhal mahuda before Kanjeta on route Kevdi chota Udepur town. First one is a hill with water fall rivulet and dense green’s with food tent stay facility. Second one is a gem so beautiful that I do not want you all to go there if you are touristy kind throwing plastic around as if it is your right and not scolding your children at all for that too. But for true nature lovers it will be a real private Naini Taal at its most pristine. Small Dam holds a water body with green garland around.

Darbar Gadh Old Palace

Darbar gadh is the royal residence built in the year 1540. A mixture of architectural styles, and a fusion of traditional and European elements. This place is in the top list of visitors who plan to visit Devgadh Baria. It is one of the top Tourism attractions. It is a totally wonderful surprise when you step in Darbargadh Palace garden and you feel you are totally in a different world of peace and great atmosphere.

This building is unique in its glory and heritage but also what it makes so special is to meet the king. Poshina is a wonderful spot for discover the tribal villages and people and it is an unforgettable experience with the guidance of amazing charismatic and charming host if you prefer. They will take you every day in their jeeps for visiting the nearby villages. Devgadh Palace is not a five star hotel but it has a delicate charm and history, the garden is so peaceful, rooms are quite clean and comfortable. There you would not face major problems. Wi-fi facility is available in main areas and hot water facility for bath purposes is always available.

Food is homemade  includes  breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you wish to travel many places in India I must say this will the most delicious food you have ever eaten and most trusted one. If you ever consider visiting Gujarat make sure your route pass along Poshina and Darbargadh Palace to meet a very special person Prince and his family and very helpful staff, this will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life I guess.

Sunset point on Chougania Pass

Many people like to watch sunset and sunrise. There are various places in the world which hold a beautiful scenario of sunset and sunrise. In the Chougania valley of Devgadh Baria people visit here to see the beauty of nature when sunsets and goes slowly deeply in the arms of clouds.

The valley provides a breath taking sight of storks flying home from the river and Tidki reservoir in twilight. Videos of egrets flying home from the river and Tidki reservoir in the twilight is something to see at least once in life. Less than 2 km east of Chougania is the relatively beautiful Khos valley with any number of hiking trails away from vehicular noise and emissions.

That is where clusters of Mahua trees transform the arid landscape when they shed their leaves in peak summer. The intensity of the color needs to be seen to be believed. Nature’s spread lasts but a few weeks, before the farmers burn the leaves to facilitate gathering of Mahua flowers for making inter alia the heady Mahua wine.

Naldha Waterfall

This is a wonderful place for tracking and other out door activities. If you’re photographs lover then you’ll find various spots to get clicked here and lots of stuff for social media posting. This is best place to enjoy with friends and family for experiencing various adventures and amazing sightseeing. Naldha Waterfall is located in Vadodara. Do make Naldha Waterfall a part of your Vadodara vacation Naldha Waterfall is mesmerising place for tracking and outside activities. Very good option for photography too. You’ll enjoy a lot at the Naldha eco campsite.

Trek, hike, eat and rest. It’s a wonderful experience here. You need to visit this place on weekdays and not on weekends or holidays. There is awesome Forest,  Naldha waterfall, wildlife sanctuary and forest campsite. It’s not that big waterfall also place is not safe since it’s in jungle. 2.5 km track is there to reach this place. This one of best waterfall in Gujarat, forest area at Ratanmahal sanctuary. You will see Nature at the best with good looking waterfall called Ratanmahal waterfall also.

You need to track 2.5km inside jungle on mountain to reach waterfall.it is on the half of mountain. You must visit this place in monsoon time. Naldha water fall is amazing. You can spend time with your family and friends there. So no doubt this place seems and is a hot favorite among locals and nearby places best suited in monsoons.

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Sukhi Dam

This is an embankment dam on the river Sukhi. The primary purpose  of building this dam was for irrigation facility for the area around. this place is best for visiting for nature lovers. This is also a common picnic spot among local people and others. The area around this dam is completely covered with greenery scenes. This is beautiful, peaceful place, wonderful place to visit for a picnic close to Vadodara. You’ll find greenery all around and good for short trips. Don’t forget to pack some snacks. It looks beautiful in winter and raining days. You will have a great time here during a cycle ride.

This place is perfect for picnic as you’ll feel natural atmosphere and a big hill – Makhaniya Parvat also. This is a must visit place around Vadodara. This place is calm and a good place to relax around. Makhaniya hills around the dam are trekking friendly. Many people come here for trek, it is bit tricky as there are long slopes so doing it with proper method is preferred. The rocks there are of unique shapes, unexpected too.

There are bowl shape rocks too, which is a place to enjoy and get amazed at. Sukhi dam is constructed over Sukhi River in the district Chhota udaipur in Gujarat state of India. This dam was constructed in the village Sagadhra to manage the water of river Sukhi for irrigation purpose. Water management of the river Sukhi was not correctly maintained. Small minors/canals have been made by personal efforts to fetch the river water to the field. But a proper irrigation system was not there. This is one of the biggest earthen dams in Gujarat state.

Naldha Campsite

Wonderful place for camping and spending time with friends and family. It is basically a accommodation in Gujarat. This place is between a dense forest and beautiful waterfalls nearby. You’ll experience various natural scenes that you may have not experience before. This place is a forest department campsite. It offers stay in makeshift tents. These are non-AC tent with attached toilet. The campsite is a quiet serene place surrounded by woods. It must be more scenic in monsoon and winter.

The staff is co-operative and offers simple meals and beverages. Prior booking is advised. Naladha campsite is so nice place but it hasn’t walking distance but it’s far a minimum 4kilo meter away. It street is so nice. It has a area of bear jungle. It’s some places are deep so keep attention. Here is nature with live Natural Source and Green Environment it’s the beautiful feel.  People should take care of this rich treasure that we have and should not throw plastic, garbage or pollute the place.

So these were some place to visit in Devgadh Baria. Hope! you’ll find this article useful. Don’t forget to share your experience and feedback in the comment section and do get back to us. Happy Journey!

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