Places to visit in and around Devgadh Baria

Devgadh Baria is a small town situated in the foothills on the eastern border of Gujarat state. It is basically a municipality in Dahod district of Gujarat. The two known towns around this place are...

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Dhanpari Eco Campsite at Jambughoda

Are you Googling places to visit these summer holidays? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Because today we are back again with another eco-campsite, Dhanpari Eco Campsite. This tranquil campsite is situated inside Jambughoda...

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Picnic spots near Vadodara

Gujarat – The 6th largest and western most state of India is as colourful and bright as any state could be. It has beaches, forest, dessert, temples, history, heritage, handicrafts, cuisine and what not! So...