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19 Awesome Characteristics of Gujarati People

Gujaratis have traveled length and breadth of the world and they are highly motivated, inspiring, and self driven people. Here is a list of 20 awesome qualities of Gujaratis due to which they are loved.

  1. They possess business mindset

    Tony Dovale said that ‘the foundation of all long term success lies in building a resilient and growth oriented mindset’. Gujaratis are known to have both of these qualities that leads to their natural business acumen and sense.

    Gujaratis go by — I create. I take risks. I live my passion; I am an entrepreneur. They don’t think of this as their job or part of their job, it’s a lifestyle for them. They pick and create a job they don’t have to take vacation from. And of course, biggest brand ambassador of this thought process is Dhirubhai Ambani. Gujaratis are the most enterprising creatures.

  2. They are a blend of the North and South Indians

    Gujaratis are said to have the best of the traits as a fusion of both North and South Indians — inside out. They have a grainy complexion which is neither that dark nor that light. On the other hand they have South Indian’s logic, academic acumen, discipline and rooted-ness to their culture. While they get have North Indian’s happy, warm and fun loving nature imbibed within them.

  3. Their parties rock even though they belong to a dry State

    Gujaratis don’t need alcohol to let hair down and paint the town red. They believe in celebrations, that to full heartedly and alcohol is not an requirement for them in order to do so. They dance to their fusions of EDM and garbas with all their energies.

  4. Gujaratis can take a joke

    Gujaratis don’t get offended that easily and can bare jokes on themselves. And because of this trait they can laugh on the jokes made on them and at the same time they themselves can joke about themselves.

  5. Motherland of leaders and great personalities

    Today, the most influential man in our country is a Gujarati i.e. Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India). The most rich person of India today is Gujarati – Mukesh Ambani, who’s father is the epitome of an entrepreneur – Dhirubai Ambani. The father of the nation is Gujarati – M. K. Gandhi. Our currency note has a Gujarati’s picture on it – M. K. Gandhi. World’s tallest statue (under construction) named Statue of Unity is of a Gujarati leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The list goes on, since forever Gujarat has been a mother land to such leaders. It seems like there is an inherent tendency in Gujarat’s culture which makes the people more likely to be natural leader in politics and business.

    Here is a list of 25 Most Famous Gujarati People

  6. Their adaptability skills with other cultures

    They are very mingling by nature naturally. If a Gujarati goes to any part of the world, which has different culture and traditions, Gujaratis not only easily adjust themselves with their culture but become a well integrated part of their culture, traditions and community. It’s another of their inherent trait.

  7. The sweetness in their food

    Gujaratis are always high on energy and the credits for that should definitely be given to their sweetness quotient in all their food items. Right from their soups to main course to actual deserts, everything is sweet. Even the Sambhar made by Gujaratis is sweet and so is panner butter masala — all with a Gujarati touch.

  8. They are from a land of fusion, yet rooted

    Gujaratis go ahead with time. They learn and adapt everything new and trendy that the world has to offer with each passing day but at the same time they are very particular in keeping their roots intact strongly. Hence, their values are a perfect blend/fusion of modern and traditional thinking.

  9. Their hospitality

    Gujaratis even welcome their enemies in their homes with open arms and show their best hospitality. They do everything in their capacity and treat their guests as their God, literally!

  10. Their forgiving and patient nature

    Gujaratis are not the one’s to hold grudges against someone. They are indeed very emotional and warm hearted but they also are people of patience and logic. They believe in confrontation and talking it out, beholding the capacity of understanding other person’s logic and forgiving the same irrespective of their disagreement. They believe that their true treasures are relationships and people, not tiffs they have among them.

  11. Connection between their festivals and colors

    There are so many unique festivals which are not celebrated as colorfully and vibrantly anywhere else in the country namely Uttarayan, Navratri, Holi, Diwali, Janmashtami, and so on. Their festivals, each one of them consist of every color possible which make it so vibrant and warm. Also in their festivals, each color has its significance. And thus, like their festival, you will always find a Gujarati full of different colors (sides) to them.

  12. They have the best of bargaining skills

    Gujaratis believe in saving rather than spending. Due to their strong business acumen they know the margin that a business man is getting and thus they are hell bent upon reaching to a win-win situation under which the seller is happy but also their money is saved. They don’t believe in paying more than the satisfaction level that the product and service is providing them.

  13. They are great friends

    Gujaratis strongly abide by the saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed. They believe in honoring the relations which are not only there by blood but also the ones they make out of choice. Through the cold nights of winter and hot summer days or a festive night – they will be for sure the ones by your side.

  14. They mostly live in joint families

    Gujaratis even today live in their packs per se. They eat together, pray together, sleep together and stay together. This brings a strong sense of sensibility in them in terms of understanding and adjusting with one another. They get their forgoing nature from this part of their culture.

  15. They carry food everywhere they go

    Gujaratis are known to carry their food everywhere and anywhere they go. Whether it is second class train compartment or first class on an airplane, they will always be the ones with their pickles, theplas, khakhras and other snacks with them.Chappan Bhog is only one of the examples which signifies the amount of varieties Gujaratis have in their cuisine. Even though they are vegetarians, they have so many varieties that one can possibly not account of. Also they make all the other cuisines with a touch and taste of Gujarati cuisine. Here is a list of mouth watering Top 10 Gujarati Food Dishes.

  16. They have a happy-go-lucky nature

    Gujaratis are always happy. They go by the simple slogan of eat, sleep, pray, repeat! And that is more than enough for them to be satisfied and content. They don’t get offended that easily nor get angry that easily either.

  17. You find them everywhere you go

    According to a survey, Gujaratis are the top travelers among all other Indian communities. Whether it comes to be in different parts of within or outside India, one will find not only Gujarati travelers but also Gujarati residents over there.

  18. They are adventurous and fun loving people

    Gujaratis like to try everything that’s new, fun and adventurous. Whether it is adventure sports or just wandering around or exploring an unknown city; whether is is getting a tattoo or piercing.

  19. They are kind, sweet and harmonious in nature

    Gujaratis are majorly peace lovers and non violent people. They are also very generous and are not from the people who keep account of their favors exchanged neither are they from those people who are sweet on your face and back bite about you.

We have tried to compile this list to the best of our knowledge. If you believe we have missed to include any characteristics of Gujarati people then do comment below.

Goral Sevak

An enthusiastic, ambitious, cooperative and goal oriented leo woman. She's big on art, music, travel, poetry, and reading. She fits extremely well with people from all across and from different cultures.

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  1. Jaimin Shukla says:

    Nice post Goral. Proud to be a Gujarati and an Indian.

  2. Bhavin Navadiya says:

    I am a Gujarati too and I am feeling very proud to be born in Gujarat , India . After reading this page ….. It was really great things about Gujaratis …… All were true….. I really felt very good ….. Thank you ?

  3. Pradip Chatterjee says:

    Gujaratis are also the most corrupted people in the world. Example: Nirav Modi,Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksi etc. etc.

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