Saputara Diwali Festival – 2018

With the gradual boost in tourism of Saputara, there have been sights of the celebration of various festivals all year round. You will find something new happening each time you visit Saputara. We all know about Paragliding festival, Monsoon festival, and other cultural festivals hosted in Saputara. But this time, it’s 23-day long Saputara Diwali Festival!

I know I’ve written an article about Top 10 things to do in Saputara and this just might seem like another thing to add into. But, it’s not. This one deserves an article of its own. Saputara Diwali Festival has begun from 3rd November and will end on 25th November. This festival has been organized by Notified Area Office Saputara. And there are no entry tickets, it is free for everyone. You can find the details of all the events below:

Saputara Diwali FestivalFortunately, I was able to attend the magic show and let me tell you a little bit about it. All the events are hosted by the talented anchor and actor Jignesh Patil. The event began with some songs. And then was the show stopper, Dangi Nrutya. This was my favorite part of the event. The enthusiasm, stamina and communication skills among the talented local dancers were just breathtaking. They all have performed at some major events like Independence Day and Republic Day parade. They will keep you entertained right from the start till their final bow.

And next was the main event of the evening, the magic show. The magician performed the tricks very smoothly I must say and kept us engaged all through the evening. Overall, the evening was fun and worth the time.

We don’t really need another reason to visit Saputara. But the efforts made by the organizers, performers, and everyone involved, are really admirable. Hence, you should visit at least one of these events. I’m sure it will be worth your time and you will have fun. Moreover, I must give it up for the anchor and host of the event, Jignesh Patil who kept everyone involved very skillfully.

Concluding, I just want to say that we have so many talented people who work really hard just to entertain us. Their efforts are really praiseworthy. So let’s just enjoy the natural beauty of our own lands, keep it clean and green.

Happy holidays! 🙂

Komal Rangoonwala

Komal Rangoonwala is a Computer Engineer and a Content Writer who loves to explore and create stuff.

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