Top 10 Things to do in Saputara

Saputara is the most popular hill station in Gujarat. Even though other hill stations like Wilson hills and Don hill station have became popular overtime, Saputara still hasn’t lost its essence of tourist attraction. It’s a popular tourist destination all around the year but attracts most tourists in monsoon season. After a few drizzles, Saputara gets surreal; thanks to many shades of green. The total area of Saputara is fairly small compared to other hill stations in India, but it offers many activities to do and places to explore. So let’s check them out!

Places to visit & Adventurous things to do in Saputara

Saputara Hills


1. Paragliding

Back in December 2015, I did paragliding for the first time in Saputara Paragliding Festival. During that time, Saputara Paragliding Festival was held only around Nov-Jan. Pilots from north India used to come just for this festival. But now you can do paragliding in Saputara all around the year, of course except for rainy season. It costs about Rs.2000 (that was the price when I checked last time in March 2018) for one flight of about 5-10 minutes in the air. It is really a wonderful experience.

Saputara Paragliding

2. Saputara Museum

Saputara museum is really cool; like a window that takes you back in time! You will find lots of amazing things in here that gives you a glimpse of how life used to be in villages around Saputara, like Ahwa and Dang. The museum conserves tools used by tribal villagers for hunting, some traditional musical instruments, utensils, ornaments, and a lot more. They have also designed these portions in the museum where they have recreated the houses of local tribes where you can observe their lifestyle and daily routine. Moreover, some actual, as well as replicas of tools and objects used back then, are placed in the museum.

3. Sunrise Point

The best time to visit Sunrise Point is undoubtedly early morning. And you must be willing to walk and trek as you have to walk about 1 km to reach the peak of the sunrise point. It’s probably a good idea to not bring sick or elders who cannot walk much. You may also want to carry water and food as you will not find food stalls here. But if you don’t mind waking up early and walking/trekking, then early morning breeze and breathtaking view are worth it.

4. Sunset point

Now in evening, you can go to Sunset Point, Vaity which is about 7 minutes distance from the center of Saputara. It provides a sublime view of the setting sun. Moreover, it has some rides for children, dirt bikes, horse riding, and there are also some food stalls, which may not be found in the offseason.

5. Step garden

Saputara has lots of small and large lush green gardens. Step garden has huge steps, hence the name. You can sit, relax, write your journal or listen to music while enjoying beautiful views.

6. Ride a flowery bicycle!

Tourists can ride colorful double seated tandem bicycles decorated with flowers. You can pay locals to take the bicycle for a few rounds around the parking lot. You can rekindle those childhood days or use the bicycle as props for your photos, either way, it’s extremely fun.

7. Lake garden

On the other side of the lake is the huge lush green garden, called Lake garden, from where you can see the whole lake. It’s a beautiful place to just relax or take a stroll. It gives a very pleasant view of the lake, you can see the ropeway/cable car, and you might even see some paragliders along with birds in the sky!

8. Shopping!

You will find lots of things to shop in Saputara. You can buy chocolates and dry fruits on the markets on road. But the other bigger market around the corner of the main road is open till night and you can buy clothes, shoes, and their most popular wooden articles! Yes, Saputara is famous for its wooden toys, wooden household articles and a lot more which are believed to be made by tribal artists.

9. Saptashrungi Mata Temple

From Saputara, you can take another little trip of about 48.1 km to Saptashrungi Mata temple. This temple is very popular amongst the Hindus. You can reach the temple using the stairs or recently introduced cable cars. You are also provided with food for the very little cost.

10. Photography

Saputara is embedded with natural charms. The mountains, green grass, lake, boats, cable cars, there’s a lot to capture! You can try doing some nature photography, take your friend’s portraits, street photography, the sky is the limit. A tip: Try capturing the same object with different angles. The results will surprise you.

So concluding, I’d like to say that never quantify the amount of adventure based on the total area of your destination. You can find joy and pleasure even when you least expect it.

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