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Traditional And Tribal Jewellery of Gujarat

“Traditional or Tribal Jewellery has always stayed in the wish lists of people. This traditional or tribal jewellery provides a very heavy look which is the very prime reason people prefer this kind of jewellery. Traditional or tribal jewellery of Gujarat has always been in demand for people. Even foreigners find this jewellery very artistic and beautiful. Let me share with you about the Tribal or Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat and its specialties.


List of some Traditional Jewellery of Gujarat:




Bali in a layman’s language is called as earrings. Gujarati women prominently use bali to complete there every day get up. The mirror jhumkas and silver stud earrings which is also known as (Ghudsaal) has a full intricate work in it are world famous items. Besides this, silver bali with flower works and bali studded with gems are also the masterpiece of Gujarat’s traditional ornaments culture.



Bajuband is a armlet. Gujarati women prefer this ornament during some occations. During the Navaratri festival, Gujarati male also wear bajuband coordinating with their costume. This ornament is made up from metals or silver. Gujarati brides prefer to wear bajuband in with their bridal look.




Kil in simple language is called as Nosepin. From the ancient times, kil is very famous in the Gujarati tradition. The nathini is often made with studded rose quartz or diamond. Some ladies prefer to wear a small nose pin whereas some prefer a big round nose pin. During past, ladies used to wear heavy nose pin with a chain that can be tied with the hair. Kin helps you to give a rich and royal look to your costume. Even big designers prefer to coordinate with a heavy nathini in their looks.





A kandora or kamarnband is traditional jewellery used by Gujarati women’s. Guajarati’s worn a kamarband around the waist. Mostly this jewellery is made from silver. To make it more beautiful and eye-catching the makers uses shining silvers and decorate them with beads and false diamonds.




Ranihaar is one of the oldest traditional jewellery of Gujarat. The Ranihaar necklace is mostly worn during to enhance a bridal get up. Ranihaar is a choker type necklace but covers your whole neck giving you a rich and royal bridal appearance. In Gujarat, the brides always opt for ranihaar with their panetar or lengha. It comes with a royal appeal and gives you a perfect bridal look but maintain the subtle charm of bride.





Kundan Batti:

Kundan batti is along chain of bead tied along the crown of head. This jewellery is world famous among the Gujarati. The Kundan Batti gives you an extra-ordinary look with your costume. Gujarati women or girls wear it mostly during Navaratri season. Kundan Batti enhances your appearance when you wear the jewellery with “Chaniya Choli”. Basically, it is made in a string of silver or metal with beads stuffed in it. This is one of the most opted traditional jewelery in Gujarat.



List of some Tribal Jewellery of Gujarat:

The tribal jewellery is mostly produced in Kutch region of Gujarat.  Gujarat’s tribal jewellery are mostly masterpiece made up of silver. Otherwise Kutch, there are other main hub of silver work in Anjar, Bhuj, Surendranagar, Ahmedabad and Surat. A few types are mentioned as under:


Tribal Key Holder:

The key holder is one of the oldest tribal jewellery of Gujarat. The ladies hang the bunch of key using the key holder. In Desi language it is pronounced as “Chavi-Gucha”. In Gujarati culture, the most elder lady of the family wears this Gucha.





Pachchikam is a tribal piece of necklace of Gujarat. These piece centuries ago was first crafted in kutch district. The style of this jewellery is again coming back in todays ornament trend. This jewellery is prepraded by cutting small stones into definite shapes and combining them in the silver chain and also with some glasswork. Pachchikam became very popular when it came first in the trends but gradually it started vanishing.

But presently, this fashion is again attracting the new generations and coming back to the trends. The oxidized version of Pachchikam looks fabulous even with the western clothes. They give you a wholo BOHO type attire. The western clothes and Pachchikam are the best compliment to each other.



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