Top 5 Fairs held in Gujarat

Fair or commonly known as carnival, provides such a jolly experience to all age groups. Almost all fairs have rides, food, and shopping. Each year various kinds of fairs are held all over the world. Some are popular for the rides and some are popular for the food. Kumbh Mela (Mela means fair) and Pushkar fair are very popular in India. Some of them are known for their themes. Today we’ll see some of the fairs that are held in Gujarat.

Kutch Rann Utsav

Kutch Rann Utsav Tents

The Great Rann of Kutch is known for its serene beauty. The glorious white desert spread over vast lands are accorded well with the rays of sun. Kutch Rann Utsav is held every year from Nov-Feb. You can check exact dates and accommodation details here. A huge tent city is set up with various luxury tents providing all sorts of facilities. There’s plenty of things to do at the Rann Utsav. You can ride on a golf cart, Camel Cart, ATV rides, paramotoring, yoga, meditation, and a lot more. Moreover, you can enjoy the folk dance and music, shop for splendid folk textiles, embroidery, bandhani sarees, traditional ornaments, beadwork, and mirror work. You can book your stay with various packages on the official website. The Great Rann of Kutch is extraordinary in itself, but the experience is made truly remarkable because of the Rann Utsav. You must visit it once. After all, “Kutch Nahi Dekha, Toh Kuch Nahi Dekha” right?

Chitra Vichitra Mela

What happens in this fair complements its name very well. This fair is held in Sabarkantha District, Khed Brahma Taluka. And it is held each year around Mar-Apr, starting on the eve of new moon or amavas. So on the eve of the new moon, the women gather at the river and mourn for their dead all through the night. But the next day, it’s like a celebration! Everyone dresses up in colored dresses, turbans, there’s music, food, and dancing. There is also a giant wheel and merry-go-round. Moreover, there are lots of stalls selling food, ornaments, clothes and household items. It is just as weird as it sounds, isn’t it?

Dang Darbar

Dang Darbar fair is held in Ahwa of Dang district, Saputara. It is held to honor the rulers and heads of the villages appointed during British rule who apparently still hold their status. It is held in Mar-Apr each year. Men and women get dressed in traditional attires and dance to the beat of the folk music. Most of the instruments used are traditional to this district and tribes. You can see various local and tribal communities in this fair/festival that have influenced the traditions of Ahwa, Dang.

Tarnetar fair

Tarnetar fair

Tarnetar fair is held in Tarnetar, a village in Surendranagar district, for three days in Aug-Sep. Here, you can find lots of people continuously singing folk music in groups. However, the origin of this fair is the legend of Draupadi’s swayamvara. Hence, along with the celebration of folk dance and music, the fair is centered around young men and women looking for their prospective partners. You will find lots of colorful embroidered umbrellas that are usually held by men to tempt girls by their artistic skills. And apparently, most of them find their partners before the fair is over! Fascinating isn’t it?

Sanskruti Kunj fair

Held in Gandhinagar, the true purpose of Sanskruti Kunj fair is to reveal the beauty and heritage carried by different cultures. India is a multi-cultural country and Gujarat itself is a state with varied cultures. This 10 day fair takes place near the banks of river Sabarmati. During the day, artworks and handicrafts are sold, while at night, folk dance and music shows are held. This fair not only showcases the culture of Gujarat but it also exhibits the culture of its neighboring states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Goa.

Moreover, there are other fairs held in different cities of Gujarat that may not be famous on a national level but are definitely a fun ride for the locals. For example, book fair in Surat, Gujarat is held every year and exhibits lots of books and second-hand novels along with an enchanting flower show. Moreover, there are stalls of handicrafts and you can also buy plants. This book fair is held in Vanita Vishram ground and fascinatingly, the yearly carnival is held in the same place!

Hence, such yearly carnivals and cultural fairs are held in almost all the villages and cities of Gujarat, some unknown and some known to the whole world for their uncommon exhibits. So make sure you visit at least some of them and let us know in the comments if you’ve been to any of these.


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