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Udal Mahal Eco Campsite in Gumli

“The Udal Mahal Eco Campsite” is located in Gumli, Gujarat, near the banks of Ratan mahal lake. This place is one of the best campsites of Gujarat one must visit. The place gives you the experience trills, the peace confines in nature and also some adventures. Nature lovers will definitely love a place like this. So lets know about Udal Mahal Eco Camp in detail:

Udal mahal eco camp is in the Ratnamahal Sloth bear sanctuary. This place is been developed by the Forest department of Gujarat. The eastern hills of Gujarat are spectacular and is a meeting point of Vindhyanchal, Aravalli and Satpura. You can find sloth bears and various other animals in the sanctuary. The best time to visit this camp is between the months of September to mid March. The campsite covers a large area and both tents and cottages are available for stay. It provides a great opportunity to stay connected with the nature. Inside the dense forest, besides waterfalls and under the open sky is something people want to hide out with.

Udal Mahal Eco Campsite is a sanctuary on the border of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The sanctuary falls in the Dahod district of Gujarat. The Mira waterfall is an key attraction inside the sanctuary. The seasonal water fall which is 4 km away trek distance gives an excellent view. The forest is a protected area forest for animal safety by forest department.

From Vadodara: – 145 km, From Devgadh Barla: – 35 km, From Godhra: – 145

It is recommended not to use small vehicles. The road to reach the campsite is a bit unpredictable due to big stones, raw materials, heavy ghats and so it is safer to ride there in a SUV.

Accommodation Facilities:

The campsite provides with various facilities. To provide ease for the tourists is the prime role that campsite focuses on. Facilities such as:

  • An orientation centre.
  • 3 AC cottages with attach bathroom and toilet facilties.
  • Accommodation in the tents with separate bathroom and toilet facilities.
  • Separate kitchen and dining place.
  • Nature trails.
  • Separate area to enjoy campfire.
  • The prices are around Rs.500 per night respectively.
  • The rent for the tree house is around Rs.2500 per night.
  • No food facility is available inside the campsite. It is advised to carry your own food.

There are these traditional cottages are something like the cherries on top. The cottages where you experience the ancient mud house to live in. The stay in tents gives a trilling experience.

Instruction by the campsite:

  1. One must keep their sound making device off once they are inside the campsite.
  2. One must not carry any hunting or sharp weapons in form of intimidation of wildlife.
  3. No smoking inside the Udal Mahal campsite because it increases the causes of fore forest.
  4. Carrying the food items with yourself
  5. One must also carry the necessary medication.

ADDRESS:- GJ SH 62, Gumli, Gujarat, 389380

PHONE NO:- 02678-220425

Hence a happy vacation is what every people expect and this campsite would definitely give you that. In this hectic life, where we rarely get some vacation time Udal Mahal camp give immense relief and pleasure after visit. Udal mahal eco camp is surely a place for the adventurous people and also for those who are not adventurous because bonding close to nature is something everyone loves.

Happy Vacations! Safe Visiting!

Shrutika Roy

A Law student chasing out the dream of writing.

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