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Various NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Gujarat

Ngo’s are the Non-Governmental Organizations that work for the society, public, injustice etc. This are also called as NPO (Non Profit Organization). Ngo also include the private organization that operate without government control and that gain no profit and commercial. A non-governmental organization is a non-profit, citizen-based group which functions independently of government. These associations have definite cultural, educational, religious or social problems and they work on this field respectively. These Ngo’s is classified into two categories:

  1. Operational Ngo: – This focuses on the development projects.
  2. Advocacy Ngo: – This organizes to promote particular cases.

Here is a list of various NGOs in Gujarat

1. Shri Kasturba Stri Vikas Gruh:

This Ngo works for the abandon infants born to widow or unwanted mothers. The organization was established in 1957 in Jamnagar Gujarat. It is very necessary step for the development of state to resettle and adopt the infants and give them an adequate life. They also established Matrushi Jivibai home for the infants and children and a crèche area for the working ladies.

Contact info: – +91 2882751728

Fax: – +91 2882751730

Email id: – Kasturbastrivikasgruh@gmail.com

Website: – www.kasturbastrivikasgruh.org

2. Aanchal Foundation:

The Ngo aims to improve the lives of special needs children. They give equal opportunity to girl and boy child. It doesn’t matter to them whether the child is a girl child but try their level best improve their lives. Aanchal foundation believes in creating awareness through education. It is education which can improve a child socially, mentally and physiologically etc. Social marketing is also what they kind of relies in. to generate funds for the foundation they takes a step forward marketing and help kids.

Email: – info@aanchalfoundation.org

3. Tara Foundation:

Tara foundations works for the children having hearing issue. The mission of Tara foundation is to provide hearing aid devices to the children so that they learn listening and speaking. They aim to give cochlear implants and devices. They also promote education. Tara foundation also built their school naming “TARA SCHOOL” for children having hearing disability. They conduct workshops, events, campaigns to increase the awareness among society.

Address: – FF-1 Parth Indrapratha Tower, Near Sarkari Vasahat, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

Phone no: – 09409126222

Email: – tarahealthfoundation@gmail.com

4.     Friends Care Foundation:

Friends care and foundation is established under Society Registration act, 1860 and Bombay Public Trust, 1950 based in Ahmedabad. The trust works for various areas such as child rights, child education, old aged people, women empowerment, calamity relief, medical, birds and animals etc. The organization believes that these are the prime suspects that all together make the world better. As a result their progress is a must needed step. Thus friend care foundation works for them. They provide a education, good living standards and etc which will strength them to deal with the community.

Address: – 204/05/06, 2nd Floor, Ashirwad Complex, Above Nagarchashma Ghar, Nr. Auda Office, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380014.

Phone no: – 07600999977

Email id: – care@friendcarefoundation.org

5. Shree Navchetan Andhajan Mandal:

Shree Navchetan Andhajan Mandal was in the year 1976. The Mandal was established in Kachchh district, Gujarat. They aim to help the disable person especially between the age group of 5 to 18 years. So they become capable to nurture them self. They focus to give developmental activities through food, education, health care etc. They believe in promoting social justice and empowerment.

E-mail: info@navchetan.org, admin@navchetan.org, oldage@navchetan.org

6. Saath (Initiatives for equity in development):

Saath is a charitable trust is based in Ahmedabad. Saath mainly focuses on aspects like livelihoods, skill development, health and education, rights, urban governance, financial inclusion, rehabilitation and resettlement and other community development initiatives.  In past years, they have rendered there services to various slums, migrants, minorities, children etc and help over 5,00,000 individuals.

Contact no: – +91-79-26929827

E-mail: – mail@saath.org

7. Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendre:

Shikshan ane samaj kalian kendre is established in 1980 by young group in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. They aim to create a sustainable living culture for the healthy mass. Their mission is to establish sustainability and hygienic living standards for the people, empowering the women, providing education to children. They plan and implement their statistics to uplift individuals and also create awareness about environment and consumer protection.

Contact no: – 02762 223525

E-mail: – info@sskkamreli.org

Some Other NGO’s working in Gujarat:

  • Sense International (India).
  • Visamo Kids Foundation.
  • Samerth Charitable Trust.
  • Blind People Association, India.
  • Loksevan Shikshan Vikas Trust.
  • United way of Baroda.
  • Adhaar Charitable Trust.
  • Ambedkar Education Trust.
  • Blind Welfare Council, Dahod.
  • Charutar Arogya Mandal.
  • Gam Vikas Trust.

NGO are those hidden pillar of our country which constantly without any fail are managing to empower and strengthen people who are in a need. Those people who due to unawareness or illiteracy or due to lack of resources are lacking behind to live an adequate life. Being born as a human being it is their fundamental right to live a standard life. This NGO’s are doing a great work without expecting any profit or commercial gains. This NGO are the greatest example to believe that HUMANITY IS STILL ALIVE.

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