8 Best Shopping Places In Surat

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Shopping is a point of interest for a great part of the crowd. Today we are talking about shopping in Surat. Apart from every other aspect that makes Surat famous, shopping is a highlight of Surat. People from long routes come here to buy goods to wear, decorate etc. A large number of people are also attracted here for shopping for occasions like marriages. With mouthwatering street food, an amazing hospitality and lovely people around, Surat is a great place to travel to.

The textile markets in Surat offer best hand-looms at surprisingly low rates. Surat markets offer you with charming handicrafts,  famous silk sarees, antique silverware, beautiful pieces of jewelry and many more amazing things. There is a long list of markets in Surat but here we bring you the 8 most popular shopping place in Surat :-

1. Baroda Prestige

This market of Surat is known for its imitation jewelry. You can find all type and category of jewelry here. All shimmering, beautiful and elegant jewelry like rings, bangles, necklaces etc are available. One can stop here for a great hand over amazing jewelry. Baroda Prestige market is usually crowded with lady shoppers busy matching jewelry with clothes and bargaining with the sellers.

2. Universal Textile Market

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The textile market that exists in Surat exports its beautifully manufactured and ornamented saris to many of the Middle East countries. This place is located at a distance of approximately 1 km from the railway station and about 13 km from the airport. One can also travel through a taxi or an auto. For people travelling from far distances or ones looking for food after a tight dose of shopping, there are many hotels available near the market area. More than 4000 shops stand there in the market area where most of them are re-sellers and manufacturers. You can also find a number of retailers and traders there. Most people have their office along with there go-downs in the market itself. Universal Textile Market is known for its quality dress materials it sells.

3. Shanivari bazaar

This is the largest flea market in Surat open only on Saturdays. The best part is, you can get almost everything that you can even think of ranging from bangles to vintage teacups, from furniture to colonial style lamps and art decors . A wide range of antiques like lamps, door handles etc is also available here. If you are good at bargaining this is the perfect spot for you for shopping. Do pay a visit as you will get everything in the Shanivari Market.

4. Old Bombay Market

Old Bombay holds an importance in the textile market as Surat is the textile city of India. This market is an ultimate place to shop for all occasion be it other functions or weddings. With a wide range of manufacturing and wholesale shops in the market area. You can get anything and everything you that are looking for. This market remains closed on Sundays. Old Bombay Market is amidst the city.Thus, it is easy to reach the market using public transport services available in the city.

5. Dumas Road

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Let us talk about the Dumas Square of the Dumas Road . It is a very popular place for shopping as you can buy ordinary as well as branded stuff. And if you are someone who loves the mall culture and brands, this is the place for you to be. There are two popular malls here which include VR Mall and the Rahul Raj Mall. The Rahul Raj Mall of Dumas Road is the biggest mall in entire Surat region.

6. Ring Road Market

Ring Road Market  is frequently visited not only by local people but also by the tourists also.  The most popular items in the market are fashionable clothes. You can have a stroll around and return home with bag full of trendy clothes.

7. Ghod Dod road

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Another place for shopping branded stuff is the Ghod Dod road area. Here you will find various boutique, art galleries, renowned shops etc. There are boutiques like Tamarind,Aquarians etc. Many another amusement areas like malls around are also present there like G3 Mall, Jolly Arcade etc. The Ghod Dod area also specializes in jewelry. Thus, you can buy the finest pieces of jewelry as per your taste.

8. Chauta Bazaar

Chauta Bazaar which is also known as Chauta Pul is another shopping destination in Surat. This market place is situated in the center of the city and sells all types of necessary items. Starting from regular wares to traditional clothes everything you will find at this location. This is the oldest market that still exists in Surat. The Mota Mandir that is there today was initially known as Vaishnav Haveli. Also many Vaishnav traders used to sell belongings around this place and still do.


Surat has been a hub of trade since the Mughal era. Today it stands to be the center for textiles. Gujarat’s second largest city has a lot of things to offer. Do visit all of these places to have a hand over exciting things. Experience why Surat is said to be heaven for shopaholics and do get back to us !


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