Beautiful Caves to visit in Gujarat

Caves are a natural space among big rocks with a space for human to enter. In past time caverns were mostly used by Rishis or Sadhus to meditate. Caves give them a peaceful environment for meditation. As time passed, kings and troupes of kings used this caves to escape and hide from enemy. In this article, I am very eager to share with you about some beautiful caves inside Gujarat. These caves are mostly carved between 1st to 5th centuries A.D. This article will definitely help you to know about the history and formation of the caves. You must visit this historic beauty of the state and explore such intrinsic value and cultures.

1. Talaja Caves

Talaja caves are located in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. The cave of Talaja is a group of 30 caves out of which are water tanks. These caves are built by cutting rocks into deserted conical rocks. Talaja caves have a blend of unique architecture. This unique architecture is named as Ebhal Mandapa. Historians are unable to find the actual trace of Talaja caves but some people living there belief that the making was started in the end of 1st century. This place is located in a distance of 51 km from Bhavnagar city.

You can use NH51, approximately takes 1:15 hours to reach there. These caves are spread in the mouth of river Sarita and Shatrunjiya in town of Talaja. The cave contains figures of Bhodisattva in it. In the present situation, the place is safe and secure to visit after the COVID-19 as it is situated in the outskirts of city. It is one of the best destinations to visit after the crisis.

2. Dhank Caves

The Dhank cave sets a magnificent knowledge about the Jain and Buddhist culture. This is one of the oldest rocks cut cave of Gujarat state. These caves were made through chalky sandstone during the era of Western Strap. Dhank was carved during 7th century A.D. The Buddhist zone consist Bhodisattva whereas the Jain zone consist of Adinath, Shaninath and Parsva. Dhank Caves is situated 48 km of Junagadh in the northwest direction. On the western side of the caves there are three niches. Out of which one niche is in the front door and remaining two are in the other side of the cave. This destination is one of the best places to visit after the corona pandemic. There is also one another cave nearby Jhunjhurihar Cave made from small rock cut.

3. Baba Pyara Caves

Baba pyara caves which are also known as The BAVA PYARA CAVES are excellent example of man-made caverns. These caves are a part of the Buddhism group of Junagadh District, Gujarat. Baba Pyara Cave is located in eastern part if Junagadh district of Gujarat. Cave contains very fine artwork of Buddhism and Jainism culture in it. Baba Pyari Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Gujarat attracting a big tourism.  You can visit this place after the corona outbreak as it is safe and situated outside Junagadh district.

4. Kadia Dungar Caves

The kadia dungar cave is in Zazpor village of Zagadiya taluka of Bharuch district of Gujarat. Kadia Dungar is a group of seven caves. This cave was formed between 1st and 2nd century A.D. Kadia Dungar have a monolithic lion pillars and is constructed with vihara style patterns.  There is a brick stupa in the foot of caves. The place is 112 km away from Vadodra by road. The way to reach there is a highway having beautiful scenic views. This is a good place to visit in the weekends with family. There is no availability of food so you have to carry it with yourself. Kadia Dungar is a forest area which makes you feel connected with the nature and a peaceful atmosphere. The architecture of this caves shows you various Buddhist culture.

5. Khambhalida Caves

Khanbhalida caves also known as Rajkot Caves are three Buddhist caves located near Gondal in Rajkot District of Gujarat. These caves are maintained by the Archeological Survey of Gujarat. It is believed that these caves are formed between 4th and 5th century.  These three caves consists stupa called Chaitlya cave. This is a wonderful place for those who love history. A person who is passionate about photography must visit this place. This is a place with an oldest infrastructure. The best time to visit this destination is after the monsoon. There is a small brook behind the cave which gives you a wonderful experience to enjoy nature, water and atmosphere.

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