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Top Towns to live in Gujarat | Why should you live in Towns over Cities

When shifting to a new place, there can be many things that come to mind. Initially, there come the new-place jitters,  followed by anxieties and tons of questions about how the new place will treat you. But the most important question about it is how well you treat the new place? It is a very well known fact that until you accept a new journey, the journey won’t ever accept you. However, when you have plans to shift in Gujarat on the cards- this is one question you can completely remain assured about.

In this article, we will share about how is it to live in various towns of Gujarat based on following criterias:

  • Availability of Opportunities
  • Economic Conditions
  • Ease of Living
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Cost of Living
  • Travels
  • Utilities and Infrastructure

Barring all these primary factors, we jump on to the secondary ones of climate and locality. Well, speaking of climate Gujarat has very mild weather. Due to the lack of humidity (except costal regions), you’ll rarely sweat your life out in summers. However, the scorching heat will be followed by an evening of calming breeze which will relieve your stress completely. Even if the two months of summer become overbearing, there’s light at the end of the tunnel with nearly 4 months of continuous rain. The winters follow soon and sometimes the temperature drop as low as 15 degrees at night.

So even if the summers become too much for you, there is a 10 month relief period guaranteed for you here!

Why should you choose towns over cities?

There are many ways in how towns are far better than cities. Far away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, the slower, more relaxed pace of small towns can be a welcome change. Living in small towns can be a real stress-buster as it clears up your minds in many ways. With far lower crimes than cities and a close-knit community, you do have a chance at becoming “Big Fish in a Small Pond”. You have far greater opportunities and very few competitors to beat up, moreover, you’re your own middleman. The city and the nearby villages are always within your reach providing you the comfort and the opportunities of the latter and the former.

Below listed are a few towns and villages in Gujarat which provide the best of both ends wrapped up in little peaceful areas:


Situated nearly 30 kilometers from Surat towards Maharashtra, Navsari is popularly known as the “Sleeping City”. The cost of living is considerably low, and the people here are very much practical. The usual means of travel here are bikes and auto-rickshaws. There are no in-city buses available unlike BRTS in Surat, however, there are many government buses that travel in and out of Navsari and its neighboring towns. Talking about infrastructures and ease of living, Navsari is a very peaceful place. Hence you’ll find your usual amenities within a distance of a few hundred meters- under your hand’s reach.

Living in Navsari

With Coronavirus pandemic, Navsari is a pretty safe place due to the lack of population and a low people per area density. The usual house rent for a 2bhk flat in a decent place will range from 5000-16000 INR here. If you want to buy a house, you will get a pretty good margin and a bargain at a very low price.

For a one-day picnic, one can easily stroll off to Dandi. Dandi has a very high historical standard being the epitome that marked the Non-Cooperation Movement. The rate of crime is pretty low and hence it is quite a safe city. Education has developed a lot within a few years and there are quite a handful of schools and colleges here, of which a few institutions are note-worthy. Health care systems are still under the developing mode, hence although initial health care is good, some serious cases are transported to nearby cities like Surat.


Valsad is a small town situated near the border of Gujarat ordained by the beautiful Tithal beach bashing on its boundaries. People of Valsad are very friendly and there never will be a lonely night for you here. They are quite helpful and will never let you feel you are somewhere away from home. Moreover, there is almost negligible pollution here.

A survey conducted showed that Valsad is probably the cleanest and the greenest city in Gujarat. Valsad is a very soothing place and you’ll hardly find any vehicles on the street after 11 at night. The best thing about Valsad is food. Valsad is known for its delicious mangoes and chikoo.

Living in Valsad

The cost of living is quite low and there are many educational institutions in and around the city. Not only that, but the basic amenities also are within your hand’s grasp. Moreover, popular food chains have now established their franchise in Valsad. Valsad isn’t a big city however, there are two multiplexes in the town itself. If you’re considering shifting to Valsad, you’re definitely in for a treat.


Mehsana is the jewel city of North Gujarat. Not only are the people friendly and helpful, but even the sweetness of the Gujarati dialect melts your heart into a puddle of sugar. The GJ-02 city not only features an entirely different dialect than the rest of the state, but also the food here tastes extremely different ( in a tastier way, of course). Mehsana has quite a reputation for discrimination against Patel and Non-Patel group, but that is not entirely true. Usually, people here are very friendly and hence try to find relations with your great-great-great grandfathers if any.

Living in Mehsana

The total population of the town is nearly 185,000. Hence, the place itself calms your nerves out of a nerve-wracking day. Mehsana has dairy, agriculture, and road-equipment based industry. It also has oil and natural gas production fields and various small- and medium-size industries. The banking and finance sectors have nationalized, cooperative, and private sector banks. There are quite a few educational institutions which are affiliated to many esteemed and honorable universities. Moreover, Mehsana is majorly popular for its historical importance. Also, for being the land of many historical monuments.


Even though Diu is a Union territory and a tourist place, the cost of living here is quite low. Having ordained with seas and beaches, Diu has a moderate climate with a salty breeze that will drive you to its waters. There is a wide variety of food here. Moreover, Diu usually faces tourists all over the year, hence there never will be a boring day here.

Living in Diu

The peace and the calm make Diu a perfect place for living after retirement. You will often hear from a Gujju that they have shifted to Diu after their retirement. The only reason being is the ease of living in Diu. There are many universities here that provide top-class educations. Moreover, the Portuguese Government here had built many historical monuments here. These provide many locations for family outings.


Being a small city, Porbandar is comparatively cheap than other big-shot cities like Surat and Ahmedabad. Transportation here is available quite easily. Moreover, the accommodation rates range here from 3000-7000 for a decent 2bhk flat. However, rents might go up if you prefer to live in the heart of the city or posh areas.

Living in Porbandar

Places like Vadi Plot and Manek Chowk sell fresh vegetables directly from farmers. If you an early riser, you might just get the freshest stock from the market yard. Daily food and the HORECA business is quite cheaper than any other place in the country. With super connectivity with rails, roads, air, and sea, Porbandar is a place where you will find the ease of a town with the benefits of a city. Safety matters the most here and hence Porbandar is quite a peaceful area. With beaches and chowpati, this is the perfect place for your city escapade.


Living in Nadiad

Even though it is a small town, you’ll never believe it to be one, once you arrive here! Although the shops here shut down at 9, hence 10.30 might become your new 12. People here are quite friendly and they will automatically accept you as one of your own. There are many franchises here, like, Reliance Fresh, Dmart, etc. The most popular festival celebrated here is Dev-Diwali and Sankar Varsha.


Khambat, also known as Cambay is a town and the surrounding urban agglomeration in Khambhat Taluka, Anand district in Gujarat. It is popularly known for its kites, sutarfeni, and for its sources of oil and gas. Many here are in the agate business, kite making business, diamond cutting-polishing & colored stone business (mainly ruby), and have shops that sell eatables and household products.

Living in Khambat

Khambat is a small town and hence quite a peaceful one. In terms of industrialism, it is a place full of opportunities and growth. Even in recent years, the educational paradigm of this place has shown a new facet. There are many commendable schools and colleges that are known for their rich alumni. There are many places of historical importance here. hence if history excites you, this is the perfect place for you to live!


Anand is known for the first and the greatest producer of milk- Amul. However, this shouldn’t be the only factor to judge Anand by. The cost of living is way cheaper here, and quality of life is at par with metro cities, if not better. The city is ordained by the best CBSE schools. In fact, there are many specialized healthcare facilities here which put up a good competition with any other hospital.

Living in Anand

Anand is the Milk City of India, and therefore most major milk producers (Amul, NDDB, Mother Dairy, etc.) have their offices with campuses here, which is overall a very good experience. Ease of finding accommodation is effortless, and the people here are great to have a tête-à-tête. They’d go all out to help you with pretty much anything you need. Anand and Vidhyanagar are also greener, and peaceful compared to other cities in Gujarat.


The once capital of Gujarat, Patan is the perfect place if you seek an all-in-one town! This place is home to many industries (GIDC, being the leader of the lot), many educational institutions, and quite a few highly esteemed health care centers. Featuring a rich history and dusty roads, shifting to Patan maybe your own “road-not-traveled” adventure.

Living in Patan

The most famous attraction of Patan is the patola sarees. Their cost may go up as high as Rs. 20000. They are hand-woven saree and as of today, only two families weave them. However, they are not allowed to teach this art to anyone lest their sons. The cost of accommodation is pretty low here, but this place sees a high range of tourists all the time. Given its rich history, Patan is a place that will make you immediately fall in love with itself.


Palanpur is the administrative headquarters of the district. Dairy, textile, diamond polishing, and marble are major industries of Palanpur. Banas Dairy is one of the largest dairies in the state. Palanpuri Ittars is also famous all over the state and hence it has coined “the city of flowers” name to itself.

Living in Palanpur

Palanpur is connected all over the country via rails, roads, and air. Being the ancestral home to Indian diamond work, it serves as a reserve to many industries for the same. Although it is quite a peaceful city, however, it is an ancient one. You’ll be a spectator to the beautiful ruins and rocks that govern the city. There are many educational institutions that govern the place here.

Although there are many places in Gujarat worth living for, these five places combine the best of both the two worlds- cities and villages.

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