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Most Developing Industries in Gujarat

Today, we are into era of industrialization and globalization. Our cultural value “वसुधैव कुटुंबकम” has significantly proven true in context of urbanization. Because of the revolution in IT & telecom industries the world has shriveled virtually; this has also given birth to the cut throat competition and a race of becoming economically sound and strong.

If we see from the global perspective, India has the significant place & contribution in the global economy; and if we see at the national level, then Gujarat can be considered the economic capital of the nation for having diversified and huge network of the industries.


Gujarati fraternity is believed to be one of the most efficient & business minded community. Gujarat has given so many stars like Dhiru bhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Karsanbhai Patel, etc and a lot more to the sky of business; and therefore Gujarat is leading the nation by becoming the growth engine of the country’s industrial bustles. If we talk about the leading industries in Gujarat, we must cite the followings –

Diamond, Textile, Tourism, Petro chemical, Real Estate based on SIR (Special Investment Regions), Automobile, Agriculture, Gems & Jewellery, Import-Export, Development & Environment, Biotech & pharma, Oil-gas-power, animal husbandry, poultry, shrimp farming, handicrafts & artefacts, small cottage industries and a lot more.

The main thing is that we are not only prosperous or diversified in the variations of the industries but we are also leading the nation by the contribution in the overall growth; some of the facts and figures which we can’t overlook are:

  • Gujarat, as a state of Petro Chemical, more than 30% of the overall output in petrochemicals and approx 50% pharmaceutical products and chemical solutions are providing every year.
  • Green revolution  achievement by achieving growth rate of 9.6% in the agricultural production.
  • Gems & Jewellery industry majorly supported and managed by the diamond industry of the state. Gujarat is the diamond hub; every 3rd diamond of world is being polished and processed here.
  • One of the agricultural products – cotton has the largest production of country approx 35% of the total volume and also Gujarat has been the biggest exporter also by exporting the 60% of the production.
  • One of the most prominent industries – Textile industry also has the 12% of the contribution of Gujarat among nationwide contribution.
  • Gujarat government has initiated and established the SEZ – Special Economic Zones specially designed for the large industries having more than 10 crores of investments; and Gujarat has more than 1200 such large scale growing industries in SEZ.
  • Gujarat is coming out with the promising projects and units in IT industry also. Information technology has turnaround the image of Gujarat. Gandhinagar – the capital of Gujarat has become the Silicon Valley and special IT parks have been made to attract the MNCs across the globe.
  • When we are talking about the industries and their contribution, how can we forget the tourism industry? Gujarat has the glory of historical places, a number of shrines, 1600 km long seashore & lovely beaches, national parks & wildlife sanctuaries, world heritage sites, etc and many more. Even the Mahanayak of century – Shri Amitabh Bachhan honored us by becoming the brand ambassador of Gujarat tourism and spreading the “खुशबु गुजरात की”
  • Gujarat has one of the biggest ship braking yards – “Alang” which is globally popular and renowned. All port related commercial activities are being conducted here in Gujarat to make maximum output from the 1600 km long seashore.
  • And the list doesn’t here, we have many industries in the growing stage like Agricultural based food & processing; mineral based allied industry, Engineering & automobile; plastic & allied industry; bio-technology & pharma industry, etc.

Indeed, Gujarat is developing in the fastest manner in terms of growth and development of industries.

Gaurav Trivedi

An IT graduate and holding a masters degree in Human Resource Development having 5+ years of experience in operations management, HRM, recruitment, academics and many other fields. A great passion towards reading & writing has inspired to write the content and articles for websites & portals.

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