The Culture of Kutch

Kutch is a Greek word. It means something that becomes wet and dry. It rightly justifies its name and moreso its meaning. If we look at Kutch from the bird’s eye view we can say that it is a tortoise shaped district.

The geographical structure of kutch itself describes its culture. Kutch is a place which has been witnessing numerous earthquakes in the previous years and terrific cyclone as well. Having faced all such natural calamities it’s still a standing example of tourism and hospitality.

Kutch was merged with Bombay initially in 1956. It then got divided among Maharashtra and Gujarat. Now that Kutch is a part of Gujarat, it holds pride and brings pride aswell to the state of Gujarat.

Initially Kutchi language had its own script but now it’s extinct and the localities of Kutch are comfortable in Gujarati which is the mass and well known language used throughout the Kutch district.

To exhibit their inherent hospitality, offering milk is a gesture which the inhabitants of kutch follow. In fact, the bride’s family offers milk to the groom’s relative as a symbol of respect and eternal bond.

Just like offering milk is a gesture the favourite food out there is Veg Dabeli. Every area has a speciality food item and thus Kutch is no less and is known for this special variety of delicious food as well.


Apart from food, tourism and adventure sport can also be spotted out here. One among the adventures is the hot air ballooning . When one reaches the height the white marsh land can be completely seen and thus the breath- taking beauty is self explained. Words fall short if one has to describe the magnificence of the white lands which runs errands as far as the eye-sight goes.

Watch Rann of Kutch & Rann Utsav Tent city Video

It’s an irony that the district submerges in water during rain and becomes dry thereafter. Still rapid industrialisation and tourism is its forte. The inhabitants of Kutch are well-versed in handicrafts and embroidery work. To quench their thirst of creativity the residents of Kutch which include Jats, Harijans, Mutwa, Sodha, Meghwal to name a few, indulge in traditional mirror work in their art. Needless to say that traditional folk dance is in their blood.

There are a number of festivals happening in Kutch round the year. Kutch is the largest district with terribly low density population. But this district comes to life during the festival of music, art and dance which is none other than the famous RANN UTSAV. This extravagant carnival of lights and music makes one feel that if there is something called as “Heaven on Earth” this is where it exists.

Kutch Mahotsav is a festival organised by the tourism corporation of Gujarat. It is a six-day tour into the heartland of Kutch.

Jakh Botera is considered as the largest fair in Kutch. Nana Yakshno, Fair of Hajipir, Dada Mekan Fair are some of the other fairs to name a few.

Thus to get a feel of the prosperous, vibrant and authentic flavour of Kutch, the best option is to personally visit the gracious Kutchis and their land of Kutch.


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