You Are Your Own Strength

The first thing expected from a new born baby on entering this magnificent world is to “CRY”! This signifies that he or she is alright. When a human is crying it is considered that he or she is alive and kicking. In fact, a baby who doesn’t CRY is pat on the back by the doctor and made to cry. So people! this is life’s very first and basic rule. You ought to cry! So don’t worry, CRY, as it’s normal.

What happens when we grow up? Yes! it’s the same thing, again we CRY. But this time we “crib and cry”. “Why has this particular thing happened to me” or “why something has not happened” or “why didn’t I get what I wanted” or ooh no! “Why did I get this”. All these questions are something we brood over and that becomes the ultimate reason behind our sorrow.

We should understand that we have come on this Earth to be happy and enjoy with whatever we have and with whomsoever we are right here right now.

Life isn’t a bed of roses. Hardships, struggle, downsides, failures are a part and parcel of life and that’s exactly what makes life endurable and beautiful. In fact a person who has not been through either of them is lifeless and yet to experience the essence of life.┬áRemember don’t be shy to cry! If we don’t cry ourselves, then there are others like the doctor mentioned above who will try to make us cry.

In this roller coaster journey of life we tend to lookout for people who can support us through this whole phase of sorrow and downfall. But my question is why should we look up to others and not ourselves. Firstly, the problem is ours; we have to come out of it; the pain will be borne by us and the result also will be ours! Then why do we crave for an external help or motivation?

So yes! You are your own strength! The rule of life is that when we solve one problem, there comes another one. But one good thing about every pain or problem is that it brings with it the strength to tackle the same. And this strength lies deep within yourself. Our human breed is such that we never realise our inner strength and always look for someone else who can cheer us up and uplift our so called mood. But why others and not ourselves because the fact is your supreme strength lies in you.

The only thing you got to do is learn to accept things that come your way. Just say yourself that okay I have made a mistake and yes I will correct it sooner or later. Problems will come and problems will go. But don’t get stuck with it because once you lose your control and confidence it’s very difficult to get that back. The best place to live is to live in the present. Past and future will only tense you up. Only you are completely in charge of your present. So pull up your socks and strengthen yourself.

The irony of life is that you look up to someone to boost your strength and morale. That someone looks up to someone else. Thus life is a circle and someone definitely looks up to you as their pillar of hope. This is such an irony. The strength that we expect from others actually lies within ourselves. So why don’t we encash our own strength and say ourselves that “Hey! I am there for you, always was and will always be.” It’s that simple!

Just believe in yourself and your capabilities and strengthen yourself to such an infrangibility that when someone comes to make you CRY you laugh at them and say that I am not a new born anymore and I needn’t cry to make you feel that I am alive. To wrap up I’d just say that there would be no rainbows without rain and no success without pain. So strengthen yourself and rejoice ups and downs because a straight line in an ECG or in your life denotes that you are dead.

Stay happy, stay self motivated and strengthen to, by and for yourself.


A company secretary by profession and writer by passion!!!

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