Gujarati Speech Recognition Software for Dictation

There are various speech to text software available for English language but it is difficult to find a software which converts spoken words in Gujarati language to text. After researching a lot, we have found best dictation software for Gujarati language. Find out how you can download it and use below.

Gujarati Typing (Type in ગુજરાતી)

માત્ર બોલી ને ટાઈપ કરો! Yes, using Braina Pro speech recognition software you can speak in microphone to type in your computer easily and accurately online. You can now give rest to your hand and just speak to type in any software or website. Braina Pro is world’s first Gujarati voice to text converter program.

You can download Braina Pro speech recognition software for free from this online link:

Gujarati Voice Recognition Software

Follow the steps below once you have downloaded and installed the software to dictate in Gujarati:

  1. Click on the microphone button (grey button on the bottom-right side of Braina’s window). This will open a new window and the grey microphone button will turn red if everything is fine.
  2. Type or say “Dictation mode on” (without quotes). Alternatively, you may also click on the D icon on the menubar. The icon will turn green indicating that the dictation mode is on.
  3. Place the mouse pointer in the software or website in which you want to dictate and start speaking in the microphone to dictate. Whatever you speak will get typed in Gujarati font in the field which has focus.

Note: You must have Braina Pro in order to dictate in third party software such as Notepad, Microsoft Word etc. If you have Lite (free version) then you cannot dictate in third party software directly but you can copy paste the dictated text.

You can also speak Gujarati punctuation marks to insert punctuation symbol. We found out that this speech to text software can be very useful to lawyers, doctors, writers, book publisher and other professionals those who have to type long documents in Gujarati language. Not only Gujarati dictation but you can also do Hindi dictation using Braina Pro app. Do share your review in the comments below. team provides information about Gujarat on shopping, culture, events, news, business, food and tourism.

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