Follow Your Heart But Take Your Brain Along

“There are totally four directions in the world ; South, North,  East and West. We take a decision which we think is the best. Our brain and heart keep fighting in our soul’s nest (ie. Our body) We think of our happiness and forget the rest.”

Yes! There is always an internal debate each one of us has to deal with while making decisions. It’s easy to choose between one right and one wrong. But what if the options from which we have to choose are all right! Often it so happens that we ultimately listen to our heart and it decides which path to choose and what decisions will bring us happiness.

Now the funda of happiness is literally very confusing. For someone it might be drenching in the rain for others it might be just watching the heavens rain with a sip of hot coffee. For some happiness means sitting in the most luxurious cars, for others it might be sitting on the plain grass. For some it might mean attending a live concert for some watching a child laugh itself means happiness.

Just like happiness, sadness also defers from person to person. One keeps brooding over because he has no money. Some brood over because they don’t have anybody to spend their lavish money on. Some stay in sorrow because their family keeps nagging them. While some others have no family at all and that’s why they feel depressed.

Thus there is no perfect measure of right and wrong or happiness and sadness in this world. It all depends on a human’s inbuilt choices and preferences.

Life is like a coin and it has two inseparable sides; happiness and sadness. This coin keeps flipping and tossing often and that’s why we experience both these emotions quiet frequently. Both these stand in a que and since happiness is quiet generous by nature it lets sadness come and stand before it. Infact I get happy when I am sad because I know sadness has come and now happiness is in the que and that’s the next phase of my life.

We should understand one thing that it’s only our heart which gets happy or sad. Coynt on your blessings always. The only thing constant in this world is “CHANGE” we should have faith and trust in ourselves that things will get better sooner or later.

If you have failed things will change and you will succeed. If you have succeeded things will change and you will fail but only to get back, have a higher jump, come back stronger and succeed once again.

Thus our heart is soft but our brain is strong enough. Never let the emotions in our heart make a mental block for our brain to steer us through the journey of life. Neither the heart nor the brain should be allowed to dominate each other. Just have a perfect balance and let both your heart and your brain take you to the right path in your life. So follow your heart but take your brain along.

Keep smiling always!



A company secretary by profession and writer by passion!!!

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  1. Harshita says:

    What an inspirational article ??
    So now i got the secret of success is to put your mind, heart, and soul even in smallest acts of life….!

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